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Banking regulations require that you choose whether or not you want the bank to authorize and pay overdrafts resulting from one-time debit/ATM card transactions to your account.  Comanche National Bank wants to assist you in making an informed decision regarding debit/ATM card overdraft coverage.

What happens if I authorize payment of overdrafts on my ATM & debit card transactions?

GOOD NEWS! Your authorization provides important protection. If you have been approved for our optional Overdraft Privilege (ODP) program and you choose to opt-in, you will now be able to access your ODP amount when conducting everyday debit/ATM card transactions! WHAT A RELIEF! You can now be confident that, whatever financial situation arises, you will not be left high-and-dry at the checkout counter or ATM from a declined transaction, provided the transaction amount does not exceed your current balance and your specified ODP line combined. As with any other overdraft resulting from other forms of payment, such as check, in-person withdrawal, or electronic debit, our standard $25.00 fee per transaction will apply.

DONíT WORRY! If you donít have Overdraft Privilege or are not sure if you have it, a customer service specialist at your local branch will be happy to assist you. Give them a call today for more information!

Please keep in mind your Overdraft Privilege line is ďa privilegeĒ to be used responsibly for emergency situations. We do allow you up to thirty (30) days to bring your account to a positive balance.

What happens if I do not authorize payment of overdrafts on my ATM & debit card transactions?

If you do not opt-in, your one-time debit/ATM card transactions that would result in an overdraft, may be declined and no fee will be assessed. To complete the transaction, you will need another form of payment such as a check, cash, or credit card or you may cancel the transaction. Whether you authorize us to pay ATM and everyday debit card overdraft transactions or not, everything else about your account will remain the same.




If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, please click the Opt-In button below.




*By Phone


Our customer service representatives are available if you prefer to Opt-In by phone.


COMANCHE  325-356-2577 TOLL FREE  877-888-8262
SANTO  940-769-3611 PALO PINTO  940-659-3611
MINGUS  254-672-5910 MILLSAP  940-682-4129
COOL 940-682-9212 JACKSBORO 940-567-2197


*By Mail

If you prefer to Opt-In by mail, please print this form and mail it to:

Comanche National Bank
P.O. Box 191
Comanche, TX 76442

*In Person

Sometimes itís easier to talk about things in person. Please visit any of our locations and ask a new account representative to help you decide which plan is best for you.




If you have previously opted-in and wish to revoke this authorization at a later date, click here.