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from Comanche National Bank

Limits and fees - The following fees may be assessed against your account and the
following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:

Visa Check Card Fee (This fee applies to the Select Checking Account.)
$2.00 per Month
Visa Check Card Replacement (replace lost card) fee (Free for the first replacement but charge applies for any replacement thereafter within two year card term)
Visa Check Card Withdrawal Fee at ATMs We Do Not Own
Visa Check Card Balance Inquiry Fee at ATMs We Do Not Own
Visa Check Card Daily Maximum Withdrawal Limit at ATM
$510.00 per Card
Visa Check Card PIN / Point of Sale Purchase Daily Maximum Limit
$1,500.00 per Card
Visa Check Card Signature Credit Purchase Daily Maximum Limit - This daily limit can be reduced by preauthorized transactions holding against the account.
$1,500.00 per Account
Visa Check Card ATM Daily Maximum Transaction Limit
Visa Check Card Daily Maximum Transaction Limit -Point of Sale (Signature & PIN based)
Visa Check Card International Transactions involving currency conversion fee
1% of Transaction
Visa Check Card International Transactions not involving currency conversion fee
0.8% of Transaction
CheckFree Bill Pay Service (This fee does not apply to any STAR Checking Account or the NOW Premium Relationship Account.)
$4.50 per Month
Check Printing Fee Based on Style of Check Ordered
Cashier’s Check
Money Orders
Temporary Checks
Photocopies – Each
Transfer for Overdraft Protection $5.00 per Transfer
The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: check, in -person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Overdraft Fee (Each Overdraft Paid)
Nonsufficient Return Item Fee (Each Item Returned)
Account Research (One Hour Minimum)
$25.00 per Hour
Account Balancing Assistance (One Hour Minimum) $25.00 per Hour
Stop Payment or Stop Payment Renewal – Each
Deposit Item Return Fee
Collection Items (Outgoing)
Collection Items (Incoming)
Domestic Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $20.00
International Wire Transfer (Outgoing)
IRS Levy
State Comptroller Freeze
Loan Coupon Book Replacement
Safe Deposit Box – Key Deposit
Safe Deposit Box – Drill Box
Based on Location & Availability of Vendor